Amazing development and extensive technical resources, powerful and flexible technology and more than 200,000 customers worldwide combine to make Magento the choice of most eCommerce developers.

It has been adopted by branded online stores like Nokia, Samsung, Ford, Lenovo, Olympus among others. Its extensive list of features, intuitive model combined with flexibility and control in terms of the design, and custom functionality gives it an edge over other ecommerce platforms.



  • Offers Multi-lingual support (Available in 60 different languages)
  • Built-in support to compute shipping rates and taxation
  • Built-in support for up-sell and cross-sell
  • Ability to defined SEO friendly URLs for all product and category pages
  • Ability to set special pricing for customer groups (enables Wholesale/Retail type pricing strategies)
  • Supports over 50 payment gateways giving clients a wide choice
  • Supports multi-currency that enables international selling
  • Built in Mailchimp support for marketing and promotions
  • Consists of an integrated Content Management System that allows for easy maintenance of static content by customers
  • Offers powerful marketing and merchandising tools that can be customized
  • Offers powerful custom attribute feature that can allow a merchant to sell any type of product and create variations of the same (not offered by many platforms)
  • Extends the functionality of the eCommerce platform with a rich set of extensions
  • Huge developer community support
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